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EMDR Adjunctive

Brief Adjunctive EMDR Therapy

edmr adjunctive

EMDR may be helpful if you are "stuck" in therapy and need to try options to move the therapeutic process.  Tamie is willing to provide a brief and clearly defined focus to the EMDR process. The use of the adjunctive therapy usually lasts 4 to 12 sessions to focus on a single incident trauma or simple phobia that is interfering with therapeutic gains.  The success of the adjunct EMDR treatment is based on well-focused and clearly defined goals developed by you and your primary therapist.  Good candidates for brief adjunctive EMDR are generally well-functioning individuals who have a good working relationship with their therapist, and this therapist and client have indicated interest and willingness to actively collaborate with the EMDR therapist.  

Adjunctive EMDR therapy does not replace your therapy with your primary therapist, but instead you see both therapists. You will decide, along with Tamie and your primary therapist, what is the best schedule for EMDR. It is often the case that you want to use your time with your primary therapist to discuss any new insights discovered from the process and perhaps new skills that you want to learn and apply to life experiences. 


Your primary therapist will contact Tamie after receiving a signed release of information.  Tamie and the primary therapist will have a discussion to determine if EMDR will be a good fit for you and discuss the roles of both therapists.

Tamie will have you complete an EMDR intake form to further assess if EMDR is appropriate for you at the present time.

  1. If you are considered a good fit for EMDR therapy, Tamie and your primary therapist will define roles. The primary therapists remains the therapist on record and maintains the treatment plan. The primary therapist manages crisis calls or client emergencies. Tamie will maintain responsibility for the impact and effectiveness of the EMDR work both in and out of session.
  2. Feedback about EMDR sessions is regularly provided to the primary therapist.



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