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I had the opportunity to reflect on my experience with my child and their hospitalizations. I am extremely grateful that I had you by my side to help me navigate those difficult times. I truly appreciated your care, compassion, support, and knowledge!! You are a tremendous asset to the mental health community!!

Thank you seems inadequate. You have impacted my life in a way I won’t forget.
- Parent of an Adolescent Individual Therapy Client


I have found EMDR to be the best way to really process how I'm feeling, reactions in times of anxiety, and what is causing my nightmares. I often struggle to get to the root of the issue by just talking about it, and EMDR helps me realize what is truly bothering me, as well as help me process and heal. It has taken a lot of nightmares off the table, for which I'm very grateful!
- 23 yo cis female

EMDR has helped me make huge progress in therapy. I am able to meet with my mother without feelings of sadness and shame. My confidence at work has also improved. You suggested that we work daily for a week on EMDR. I was skeptical if it would really help. I have been in therapy for 6 years. I made more progress in that one week than I did in 6 years of therapy. Thank you.
- 25yo cis female

Between the EMDR sessions, I notice these thoughts that enter my space that is helpful. They are not intrusive thoughts, I would describe them as gentle snowflakes that provide helpful insight.
- 35 yo non-binary

"I sought EMDR therapy one year after my life was briefly turned upside down by a medical crisis. I had developed a sudden and severe seizure disorder which saw me having grand-mal seizures several times per day for about 5 days before the medications got control of the situation. Shortly after, I underwent brain surgery, which over time proved curative. So at one year out from all that I was living a normal life with no medication and seemingly no deleterious effects from brain surgery.

However, trauma continued to throb in my psychological experience of daily life. Not a day passed where I did not wonder at some point, frantically, whether I was having a seizure. It was a classic experience of trauma in which the lived experience from the past intruded into the present in a recurring pattern. All this together made EMDR make great sense so I enrolled with Tamie Pushlar.

Long story short, EMDR very quickly did two things. One it threw light on the roots of this lingering trauma as not growing out of fear for physical safety, but rather growing out of the fear of shame, humiliation, dishonor and such. EMDR therapy showed me a way to dissect the exact memories of trauma and understand their anatomy. In every case, it was social emotions that needed tending to and not fears of physical danger or physical torments.

The second vital skill I learned through EMDR is how to literally modify and/or revise the structure of those memories so that they told a different, truer and more holistic story. This is a skill that can be applied in real-time experience as well as in memories. It is the skill that really allows me to live in a truer and more holistic moment most of the time."
- 40 yo cis male


I left your training on Dissociation with useful information. I used what I learned with my clients this past week with great results. Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge on Complex PTSD and Dissociation. I look forward to our consultation next month.
- Trainee at Dissociation and Complex PTSD Training

I would like to thank you directly for your presentation yesterday to the Professional Skills students. Anxiety is such a major component in so many students’ lives these days. Throughout the day, several students talked to me about how they felt about your presentation and even shared how they are planning on using the information you presented. Also, as a mom to 3 kids (ages 11, 14, and 16) with varying levels of anxiety, I feel I am better equipped to help them at home.

I was shocked to hear that this was your first time presenting virtually! You were very professional and had a flawless presentation! I never would have guessed this was a new experience for you. Great job!
- School Nurse regarding a Training


Tamie is a wonderful clinical supervisor. When we meet I feel heard and she provides an environment for me to grow and learn as a clinician. She is very knowledgeable about local resources and clinical techniques.
- Supervisee

As a clinical supervisor, Tamie has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. She has been an invaluable resource for direction in application of clinical theories, local referrals, further readings,
and more. As a supervisee, I feel that Tamie is attuned to my needs as a newer clinician. She develops and shares resources to support an intentional learning experience and enrich my practice. I feel comfortable bringing difficult questions to supervision and appreciate that she is accessible for timely questions in between sessions.
- Supervisee #2