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Therapeutic Approaches

Tamie uses Mindfulness and  Polyvagal Exercises to help you understand your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and help your body communicate with your brain. The foundation of her work is to help you increase understanding of the nervous systems and how to use breath and movement to heal and strengthen your mind and body.  

Attachment interview and parts work is used for assessment and increasing self-awareness of needs. The types of attachments are secure, anxious/ambivalent, avoidant, and disorganized.  You will discover your attachment style along with the attachment styles of people close to you.  A secure attachment (real or imagined) can develop at any age.   

Parts Work is an understanding that each one of us may have multiple parts. For example, a person may have a part of themselves that is a “child part” that holds all the past pain and trauma.  They may also have other parts of themselves that want to protect the child from being hurt so they become “protector parts”.  The protectors may engage in unhealthy behavior such as self-injury, substance use, and/or anger to protect the “child part” from being hurt . After your work with Tamie, you will have an understanding of your parts and their purpose.    

DBT, CBT, EMDR, & Progressive Counting resourcing provide tools that work for you.  The goal is to spend most of your time in the "Window of Tolerance'' versus hyypoarousoal or hyperarousal states.  The window of tolerance allows a person to manage and tolerate emotions without being hijacked by the Triune Brain(Reptilian Brain).  When emotions are hijacked by the Triune Brain, you can be in a state of hyperarousal which is intense anxiety, agitation and/or anger emotions or hypoarousal which are feelings of intense depression, numbness or dissociation.  Inside the window of tolerance you are fully aware, in the present and tolerating emotions by using the skills/resources.  

When you are ready to begin reprocessing past and traumatic memories, EMDR and/or Progressive Counting is utilized.

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