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EDMR intensive

Setting aside time to focus on you and your healing without the daily routines can be transformational. You will have the opportunity to complete one-on-one EMDR therapeutic work without interruptions. 

Is an EMDR intensive a good fit?

  • If you need a reset from your daily life and want to work on a life enhancing goal.
  • If there is a specific incident in your past that is nagging at you, and you need to move past it.
  • You are in weekly therapy, your therapist is not trained in EMDR, and you want to focus on some trauma healing.
  • Your day- to-day life is impacted by a persistent symptom such as nightmares, insomnia, phobias, etc.

Your health insurance will not cover the intensive work. The cost for intensive work is 1,000. per day or 500. for half a day (which includes the outreach before and after the intensive work). It can be prorated. This can be discussed during the pre consultation meeting.

What does your EMDR intensive include?

  1. Pre consultation to make sure the intensive model is the right fit.
  2. Access to worksheets to determine treatment goals for the intensive work.
  3. Individualized treatment plan for the intensive days.
  4. Suggestions for activities to further the healing between the sessions such as guided meditations, worksheets, readings, referrals to local massage therapists and yoga studios, ideas for nature walks, and ideas for eateries.
  5. Post-Intensive Meeting: You will meet via zoom 4 to 6 weeks after the intensive for 30 minutes. This time will be time for reflection and review.

**If you do not live local, you will need to find your own lodging and food. Tamie can provide a list of suggested places.


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