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Clinical Supervision

clinical supervision

Tamie Pushlar LCSW-R is a licensed clinical social worker with psychotherapy privilege in the state of New York.  Tamie is able to provide supervision to social work clinicians in New York State who are working towards their licensure or R psychotherapy privilege.  Tamie will also provide individual and/or group supervision for clinicians who want to have formalized clinical supervision.  Tamie has over 10 years of experience supervising individuals in a professional setting and has provided clinical supervision in a private setting for the past three years.  

Goals of  Individual Supervision

  • Enhancing the skills as well as confidence of the clinician while treating clients
  • Offering emotional support to clinicians
  • Provide professional development and clinical resources
  • ‚ÄčEnsuring therapeutic services remain safe, ethical and competent in compliance with all professional standards and practices of New York State

If you are interested, please contact Tamie for further information regarding availability and rates for clinical supervision.

Peer Supervision

Currently, Tamie is hosting a FREE monthly zoom meeting for peer group supervision with certified EMDR therapists in NYS. If you are interested please contact Tamie for further information.


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