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It is understandable due to time constraints, transportation, comfort leve,l or physical restraints that teletherapy is the best option for you. Tamie is able to provide teletherapy for individuals residing in New York State using HIPAA compliant Zoom through the Therapy Appointment portal. At this time, all insurances will pay for teletherapy visits as an in-office visit. If you are using teletherapy for adjunctive EMDR, you will be charged the full hourly rate.

You will meet one-on-one to discuss your concerns and work through the Eight Steps of Therapy. Tamie will work with your primary care physician, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, or other service providers to provide best quality care. Most sessions are 52-60 minutes in length, although shorter sessions can be arranged and prorated. You will decide how often you will meet with Tamie; most individuals choose to meet weekly or twice a month. Your length of care also depends upon you. If you do not feel satisfied after a few visits, additional referrals and resources may be provided.



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